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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

November 2008

arrow WITHOUT WAX - Rock 'n' Roll High School!!!

The four youngsters Yannick, Jonas, Tino and Flo from
WITHOUT WAX border Limited Access Records.

With an average of just 15 years, the high school rockers not only smash their peers against the wall, when they hit the stage, they also impress the older competition. Everyone treats them with respect!

No doubt WITHOUT WAX belongs to the most talented and aspiring newcomers of the last years. With their EP "Innocence Fadin" and their amazing live performance they impress fans, press, radio and TV. GERMAN Superstars NENA and FURY IN THE SLAUGHERHOUSE have taken WITHOUT WAX into their hearts and adopted them.

Legendary producer Siggi Bemm has taken the four youngsters under his wing and helped develop and record their debut CD "We Should Believe" at his Woodhouse Studios. Limited Access Records and Woodhouse Records will release their forthcoming CD, including the hit Single "No School Today", next spring.

Not only did German TV go mad after the four lad’s performance on ZDF’s Fernsehgarten (YAM school band contest 2007) and WDR Lokalzeit, the press also celebrated their EP "Innocence Fadin":

Christof Leim (Metal Hammer, Germany)
"A young rock band far away from casting shit and teeny sheets - Good!"

Jürgen Ehneß (GUITAR Magazin, Germany)
„With their EP WITHOUT WAX easily sweeps the competition off their feet and not only bands in their age group – Please keep rockin!”

"Absolutely worth hearing - there is something growing..."

Last Friday (09.11.08) WITHOUT WAX played unplugged supported by strings at Bühnenhaus in Wesel, Germany and on Saturday they performed on the Peavey stage at the MUSIK PRODUKTIV in-house exhibition in Ibbenbüren, Germany. More concerts and tour dates soon to come!

arrow Limited Access Records hooks EAT THE GUN!!!

Eat The Gun

Eat The Gun - SPMATD

Eat The Gun - Limited Access Records

Phil, Hendrik, Gereon & Torsten Wohlgemuth (LAR)
© Photo by Miriam Guigueno, Vision 'n' Style

The heavy rockin'  EAT THE GUN from Münster, Germany have signed a record deal for their brand-new album "Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" with Limited Access Records last saturday at this years' Musik Produktiv trade show.

"Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" was produced together with skateboarding legend, music producer (DOG EAT DOG, THE DATSUNS, BOOZED, DAMPFMASCHINE, …) and passionate musician Claus Grabke (THUMB, ALTERNATIVE ALLSTARS and solo) at the Claus Grabke Studios in Gütersloh, Germany. The result is a bunch of eleven uncompromising rockets recklessly shooting through the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll music with sonic speed!

Another highlight of the album is doubtlessly the mid-tempo rocker „Wiser“ on which EAT THE GUN played their „buddy-ace“. The song features Henning Wehland (H-BLOCKX) and Ingo Knollmann (DONOTS), both friends of the band, and Claus Grabke himself as guest singers while Donots guitarist Guido and Hendrik recorded a guitar duel on top – a great honour for the band. 

The CD "Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" will be released in early 2009 - the exact street date will be announced soon!!

arrow New blood for THE MYSTERY!

The Mystery

Stefan Weitzel

© Photo by Miriam Guigueno, Vision 'n' Style

Tribute To Warlock

The melodic metal bunch THE MYSTERY found a new six string tamer for a more powerfull stage performance of their newest release "Soulcatcher". The job is taken over by Stefan Weitzel, former guitar player of the German band STONEFISH. Musically nothing will change and THE MYSTERY will still play melodic oriented metal with a rockin' female voice.

His first performance was last saturday night (08.11.2008) at the Heavy Metal Thunder Festival in Esslingen, Germany.

In the last news we mentioned the Doro/Warlock Tribute Sampler for which THE MYSTERY recorded the song "Bad Blood". The vocal recordings and the final mix of the song "Bad Blood" was done by Siggi Bemm at the legendary Woodhouse Studio in Hagen, Germany. The CD will be released on December 5th through Pure Steel Records.

arrow TRUSTGAME on MINI Sampler!


The MINIInternational Magazine will feature the "Ruhrgebiet" in his next issue #30. For this reason a cd will be included as a covermount. We are proud that TRUSTGAME are part of the sampler with their single "Just Some Words"!

MINIInternational is the magazine with international spirit and an eye for style and creativity.The style magazine for MINI drivers and MINI friends introduces cities that are vibrating with life; it shows the most exciting trends, and it talks to the constructive creators from the domains of movies, fashion, music, media, art and literature.

Here you can order your free copy or visit your local MINI car dealer!

TRUSTGAME will be on tour with DIE HAPPY and play some headliner shows in December. Check the tour dates!

For German interviews check or order a copy of the lifestyle magazine Coolibri.

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