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March 2009

arrow EAT THE GUN Album "SPMATD" hits like a bomb!!!

Eat The Gun

Eat The Gun - SPMATD

Finally, the new EAT THE GUN album "Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" is out!!

The press is surprised and totally sold on it because EAT THE GUN have made a giant step in Rock 'n' Roll!

Gerald Siebenmorgen – Chefredakteur, Rock It!
With their new album “Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion“ EAT THE GUN  truly made a quantum leap in Rock ‘n’ Roll and from now on will have to be named in the same breath with international bands like Backyard Babies or Hardcore Superstar! !

Christof Leim – Metal Hammer
Sometimes Eat The Gun sound like the ruder version of Danko Jones, generally wild and lively, always with melody and the required energy…EAT THE GUN released a self-confident and independent rock album. This deserves respect

Jürgen Tschamler – EMP Magazin
“… modern Heavy Metal, Rock 'n' Roll somewhere between Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe, Boozed, and Gluecifer that comes from the heart and sounds rock solid. “Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion“ is a reckless rock bastard with one very clear direction: straight forward. Power Rock ‘n’ Roll without clichés from guys who make no compromises. Viva La Insane.

David Comtesse – InHard
“Focusing on the classic Rock n Roll line-up with guitar, bass, and drums has had a positive and audible effect on the bands’ new sound. The 11 songs co-produced by Claus Grabke (Thumb, Alternative Allstars) rock like hell while requiring full power of singer Hendriks’ vocal chords!.”

Peter Engelking – HEAVY!
Yups, da hat aber jemand einen angenehmen Quantensprung hingelegt!

Dr. Andrea Jaeckel-Dobschat –
“I’d give 12 points if our scale would reach that far, unfortunately there’s only 10 points to give – buy it!!!”

Martin Buchwalter, Schlagzeuger – Perzonal War
„ Very well arranged songs for fans of Old School Crossover, Rock and modern Trash 'n' Roll !!“

Donots –
We feel honoured that EAT THE GUN are official Donots A.M.P.L.I.F.I.E.D. band now! Thanks a lot to our friends Ingo & Guido and the rest of the band!!!
EAT THE GUN @ A.M.P.L.I.F.I.E.D. (sorry, only in German)
Haarspray, Spandex, Whiskey, Spucke, Gitarrensoli - Na, klingeln Eure Mötley Crüe-Detektor-Sirenen?
Geht uns ähnlich, aber wir wissen, dass es sich im A.M.P.L.I.F.I.E.D. Bereich dieses Mal um unsere Münsteraner Kollegen von EAT THE GUN dreht. Die drei Jungs sind bekennende Schweinerock-Fans und zelebrieren eben jenen mit absolut internationalem, authentischem Format. Tingletangle-Bob-Lookalike Hendrik Ücüncü und seine beiden Kumpels veröffentlichen dieser Tage ihren neuen Longplayer mit dem Namen - Achtung, einatmen! - "Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" und drücken ordentlich das Stromgitarren-Gaspedal durch.
Unter der Regie von Mr. Claus Grabke hat der Dreier u.a. Songs wie "Wiser" aufgenommen, bei dem übrigens auch Henning Wehland und Guido und Ingo Donot zu hören sind.
Na, neugierig geworden? Dann ein Bier geöffnet, das Haarspray rausgeholt und den A.M.P.L.I.F.I.E.D.-Bereich mit voller Lautstärke ausgecheckt, meine Damen und Herren!

You find photos of the pre-listening session and show for the press from early January, as well as first pictures from the videoshooting at the gallery of our partner Vision 'n' Style.

On March 13th EAT THE GUN will celebrate the release on their Record Release Show at the Skaters Palace in Münster. Together with three other great bands December Peals, Damniam und Tankdriver EAT THE GUN will surely burn down the house!!

arrow  WITHOUT WAX - Singer Yannick back in voice!!!

Yannick Dahl, singer of
WITHOUT WAX, has recovered from his tonsil operation and is currently busy as a bee with vocal warm-up training so that all upcoming shows will definitely be played. For complete recovery he will travel to Ibiza for a couple of days.

Slowly but surely things are moving on. During the last days the band has shot new photos for their upcoming album. We’ll present you some of the new pictures shortly. In the Vision 'n' Style gallery we have some pictures of the bands’ show this January in Hagen.

Bass player Jonas is featured in the current Trace Elliot Marketing campaign and drummer Tino has newly his own profile at the Meinl Website. Check it out!

arrow TRUSTGAME - the Beray situation, Poland tour and Baby-Blues


Polska rocks! It was their second visit to Poland last week when TRUSTGAME rocked their polish fans again! Check the bands tour-blog.

Unfortunately there have been changes in the bands’ line-up. TRUSTGAME have published the following statement on their website:
“ It’s all over town, so we’ll let the cat out of the sack: Beray has packed his drumsticks and after two and a half years decided to leave the band in order to advance in his soccer career and his other band The Bonny Situation. It was a difficult decision and of course we’ll stay friends! Thanks for everything, Beray – walk on with hope in your heart!
For Poland we’ll have Rafael Polasik playing the drums – whom we’ll introduce to you when we’re back from touring. Until then you all may take a look behind the scenes to reveal the true reasons for Belray leaving the band ;-).”

Last but not least we have very good news. TRUSTGAME bass player Thomas has become father of a healthy boy named Mars Phileas. Happy Birthday!!! It’s nothing but rumors that he will play drums for them in about 18 years.

arrow  DAVIDIAN confirmed for MAROON release show!!!


Our thrash maniacs DAVIDIAN will be very busy this spring.

They will support the mighty MAROON at their CD release show on 25th April in Stuttgart, Germany and are also confirmed as co-headliner for the czech extreme metal festival "Hardline Therapy" with bands VADER, BORN FROM PAIN, HOLLENTHON, HATE and more.

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