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July / August 2011

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arrow MERCURY TIDE: Dirk Thurisch ex-singer of Angel Dust is back!!!


MERCURY TIDE & Limited Access Records

MERCURY TIDE - Dirk Thurisch

MERCURY TIDE feat. Dirk Thurisch (ex-singer of Angel Dust) signed to Limited Access Records

Limited Access Records is proud to announce the signing of the melodic metal band MERCURY TIDE, the new main band of former Angel Dust singer Dirk Thurisch. Beside the record deal for the new album “Killing Saw“, which will be probably released next spring, MERCURY TIDE signed a publishing deal with Limited Access Publishing / BMG Rights Management, too.

The MERCURY TIDE line-up

MERCURY TIDE’s current line-up is Dirk's old friend and companion Carsten Rehmann (Unchallenged Hate) on drums, who produced the new album in his CKB Studio in Essen Germany. On keyboards is Sim Reaper and the new bass player is Christian Pohlmann. In the past both played together at the graverockers The Spook.

Limited Access Records & Dirk Thurisch about the collaboration

Limited Access Records label manager Torsten Wohlgemuth about the signing:

"We are very happy about the collaboration with Dirk Thurisch and MERCURY TIDE. The new album is a killer and will not capture only the fans of the debut "Why?“. Dirk pulled out all the stops. The melodies are shaping directly into the metal heart, catchy riffs and of course his distinctive voice which we all have missed for such a long time."

Dirk Thurisch is also glad about the new record and publishing deal and has got a message for his fans:

"Hey folks! We are very happy about the collaboration with Limited Access Records, too. The work makes a lot of fun and we have many goals to reach. First of all we have recorded the new album “Killing Saw“ for you and now we can’t await to present it to you. Live we will have some exciting surprises. For old Angel Dust and our MERCURY TIDE fans we will perform some old classics. Thank you for being so patiently for such a long time and in return we have a great album for you. It has been worth waiting and I cannot await to see you all back on tour again!“

MERCURY TIDE video message for the fans

Dirk Thurisch and Carsten Rehmann have released a short video message for their fans at the new MERCURY TIDE YouTube channel.

MERCURY TIDE on stage / booking-contact

Dirk Thurisch is looking forward to step back the pedal to the metal together with MERCURY TIDE, as shown at his comeback concert with Crimson Glory last may at Turock in Essen, Germany. For sure he will enrich many festivals with his presence. For Dirk the final Angel Dust chapter is closed, but he knows that many of his fans haven't forgotten classics like the divine “Bleed“ or the power metal masterpiece “Cross Of Hatred“. He will definately remember some old songs at his live shows.

Booking requests for MERCURY TIDE and our other bands are possible now. Get in touch!

arrow CONTRADICTION with new drummer on tour and studio plans


CONTRADICTION - The Essence Of Anger


CONTRADICTION @ Rock Hard Festival

New man on the drums

A lot happened in the last months at German thrashers CONTRADICTION! As you have probably noticed, a new man is on the drums. In Christoph Zelt's farewell statement you can read why Patrick Nau (see photo) is the new drummer:

"As most of you already noticed I had to quit CONTRADICTION earlier this year due to personal reasons and a total lack of time. It was a hard but yet inevitable decision, because I had an absolute awesome time with my buddies and meeting many of you guys in person. I remember many gigs, tours and foreign travels… some of them really exhausting, but in total a whole lot of cool memories will remain.

Since we had some great achievements during the past years it was very important to me that the band carries on and therefore I'm really glad that I was able to present my friend Patrick Nau to the band, who was set and ready to replace me at the CONTRADICTION drumkit straight away. In the meantime he already played a bunch of shows where many of you have witnessed that he proved to be the right man for the job.

I strongly believe that CONTRADICTION will continue to thrash the stages stronger than ever, so please spread the word and support them. I send my regards to all who know and remember me and I am sure to see you again. Cheers!"


Rock Hard Festival photos and videos

Patrick already proved at the German Rock Hard Festival and other shows that he is the perfect replacement for Christoph. CONTRADICTION opened the Rock Hard Festival and were welcomed by a wall of fans, which celebrated the band during the show like a wild horde with moshpits and a number of circle pits.

CONTRADICTION sent us a statement for their fans about the show:

"After playing some single shows along with bands such as Legion Of The Damned or Alestorm mighty Rock Hard Festival was scheduled and we'd like to explicitly thank all who attended our show for giving us such a great support and feedback, you rule! It was quite stunning to see such a great audience in the atmospheric amphitheatre location and thrashing the hell out of ourselves in front of an enthusiastic crowd. A whole bunch of good reviews can be found in current issue of Rock Hard magazine (August 2011) or throughout the web.

Many of Rock Hard-visitors again showed up a few weeks later at Dong Open
Air, where we shared the stage with Overkill & Iced Earth again … thanks to
all who supported us there once more."

If you weren't able to see the show or want to remember it, we have collected some links with photos and YouTube videos for you here.

Video travel report from Portugal and Spain

At the beginning of the year CONTRADICTION were in Portugal and Spain on tour and now they present you the highlights of their journey in a travel report. Just check it out, it’s worth it!!!

Studio in sight

These days CONTRADICTION are working hard in the rehearsal room to practicing the new songs for the upcoming studio album recordings.

arrow SPELLBOUND DAZZLE live at Heineken Jammin' Festival

Spellbound Dazzle - Unreal FairyTales

Spellbound Dazzle

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE @ Heineken jammin' Festival

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE - Foolin' Of Each Other

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE live at Heineken Jammin' Festival and at RockTV

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE have made many experiences in the past few weeks after the release of their album "Unreal FairyTales“ and the download single "Foolin’ Of Each Other“.

Beside shows in Italy and Austria, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE performed at the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in Venice wih Coldplay, Beady Eye, Interpol, We Are Scientists and many more bands. Previously the band was live on air at Italian alternative rock music channel RockTV with a studio gig and interview for the festival. You will find a live video of the song "Ruska" filmed by a fan at the Heineken show at the band's YouTube channel.

More interviews and reviews by SPELLBOUND DAZZLE!!!

Apart from numerous interviews for the print and online press we received some more very good reviews for the album "Unreal FairyTales“.


Video interview:
Telebelluno’s TV broadcast "Night ‘n’ Day“ with Giorgia Segato

Radio interview:
Radio Belluno's broadcast "Talking Heads" with Nick Simcock

Reviews: 9,8/10: "Eclectic. That's the word to describe this album. … They manage to tie everything together smoothly, without having to resort to silly prog-wankery to make the pieces fit." 4/5: "Unreal FairyTales" is the true story of a band that defies genre to create a uniquely moving musical experience.

MetalBelieve 9/10: "All in all, if you want to hear something original, fresh and insane in the modern metal scene, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE is one of the best choices." 79/100: „In definitiva questo lavoro è quanto di più variegato abbia ascoltato, generi musicali che, a dirlo così a voce, cozzano tra loro, ma questo gruppo è riuscito a unirli, ad amalgamarli con coraggio e a tirar fuori un lavoro molto particolare e apprezzabile sia al primo ascolto che durante gli ascolti successivi." 82/100: "Una concreta speranza per la scena musicale italiana. "

MundoRock 9/10: “Una banda espectacular, con una onda que nadie podrá imitarles siquiera por acercamiento.“

Big Five Magazin 8,5/10: „Sehr interessantes und unglaublich abwechslungsreiches Album, das keine Grenzen kennt. … SPELLBOUND DAZZLE ist die nächste Sensation aus Italien … Ich bin begeistert und kann jedem Open-Minded-Heavy-Musik-Liebhaber diese vielschichtige, spannende Platte nur empfehlen.“ 9/10: "Die beiden Brüder Kreso … und Branko Stekovic (Gitarre) … brennen eine Wunderkerze nach der anderen ab, selten habe ich ein dermaßen abwechslungsreiches, kurzweiliges vor allem unvorhersehbares Album in die Finger bekommen. …Meine Platte des Jahres. Yippieh a yeah…Schweinebacke."

arrow 4BACKWOODS: Replacement for guitarist Breido found

4BACKWOODS - Butterfly - Single


4BACKWOODS - Mario Kleine

4BACKWOODS - Be Different Or Die

New guitarist on board

After 4BACKWOODS successful TV appearance on Germany's most famous daily soap “Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten“ the single "Butterfly" rised up to the top of the music download charts.

Some time has passed since that, which 4BACKWOODS used to practicised with their new guitar player Mario Kleine (photo) and to be on the road again.

Tour guest book with fan entries

For those of you who have seen the band's live shows, knows that 4BACKWOODS have a tour guest book at their merch and that a lot of fans enter their comments. No 354 new pages are online with your comments, whishes and more. Take a look for your entry!


4BACKWOODS, Orange but Green and Green.Frog.Feet are the three bands that will perform live on stage within the scope of the new adidas ROCKSTARS boulder invitational contest this saturday in Austria. While 45 of the world’s best boulderers battle it out in Ötztal’s AREA 47 on the 29th and 30th of July, athletes and spectators alike will be heated up by intoxicating rock music.

For all sports enthusiastic rock fans, who cannot follow 4BACKWOODS to Tyrol will stream adidas ROCKSTARS live starting at 7 pm central european time.

The Making of the music video "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight"

With some delay the making of for the "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" music video is online now. Here you can imagine how the shoot was in Breido's (ex guitarist) cramped old flat, how the work was with star comedian Peter Nottmeier and as highlight you can see how Daniel has been slapped five times in his face by the leading actress.

If you don't remember the music video for "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" watch here the clip again.

New 4BACKWOODS fanclub website

Finally we want to introduce you to the new website of the official 4BACKWOODS fanclub. In close cooperation with the band the fanclub is the headquarter for your support and organizes many exciting and helpful promotions like fan tours, meet and greets and trips to concerts. Become a member here:

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