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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

April 2012

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KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - BMG

Torsten Wohlgemuth (LAR), Rais & Randy Kamikaze
Miriam Guigueno (LAR), Elmo Kamikaze,
Florian S. (BMG)


Limited Access Records sign the Wrestling metalheads KAMIKAZE KINGS!!!

Limited Access Records are proud to sign the heavy rockers KAMIKAZE KINGS from Berlin for a worldwide deal of several albums, which also includes a cooperation with Limited Access Publishing / BMG Rights Management.

For months the underground has been rumbling about a very special thing that grows in the windy alleys of Berlin. For some, KAMIKAZE KINGS are the German answer to Steel Panther, others think of them as a mangy mix of Peter Pan Speedrock and Mötley Crüe! Led by vocalist Elmo Kamikaze, a cross breed of “The Rock“ and “Rob Halford“, KAMIKAZE KINGS are one of the fewer bands, which you just have to notice shortly and will never forget!

Limited Access Records to the signing of KAMIKAZE KINGS:
»We are more than happy to have pulled off one of the best German Heavy Rock bands of the last years. Awesome bands with real balls, which give everything they’ve got and live the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle with all of its consequences have become rare. Elmo and his mob are definetely “The Law“.»

Elmo Kamikaze about the record deal with Limited Access Records:
«Hello, my beloved, little bastards! Listen up! Here it comes! I feel honored and am delighted to tell you that we, KAMIKAZE KINGS, join forces with Limited Access Records. They will support us on our way to the top! Witness our triumph! We belong together! We look forward to working together. All of you will get what you want and even more! … but you will get it as you serve it: the best Rock 'n' Roll Extravaganza ever! "The Law“ coming soon …“»

The debut album “The Law“ was produced by the Heavy Rock specialist Dirk Faehling (Motörhead, Skew Siskin, Jingo De Lunch) at the Audio Ego Studio in Berlin and consists of 14 tracks, which feature the whole spectrum of the Heavy Rock ’n’ Roll.

We present you, as first track of the album, that will be released in the upcoming summer, the music video for “Saturday Night Hero“. You may expect sweat-inducing Rock ’n’ Roll, a straight wrestling adrenaline kick and a bunch of entertainment, but check it by yourself:

We would be quite happy, if you would drop by the new band website and leave a comment for the guys on their Facebook page.

KAMIKAZE KINGS: Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Those, who have seen a live show of the band before, know that KAMIKAZE KINGS are more than a hard working rock band. The songs, the performance and devotion with which the musicians go about at their stage performances, transports a sense of life, an attitude towards the most beautiful matter of the world: Rock ’n’ Roll.

In May, KAMIKAZE KINGS will rock at various occasions as support act of The New Black, V8Wankers and Crazy Lixx. Of course, they will also play at the album release shows of MERCURY TIDE on 17th May in Osnabrück and on 19th May in Oberhausen. For all events check out the tour dates!!!


arrow MERCURY TIDE: Dirk Thurisch – The voice of Angel Dust is back!


MERURY TIDE - Killiing Saw

MERCURY TIDE - Dirk Thurisch

MERCURY TIDE - Release Shows

MERCURY TIDE reveal cover artwork, tracklist and release date!!!

After a break of ten years, former Angel Dust vocalist Dirk Thurisch finally returns with his band MERCURY TIDE, which once started as a project and now grew to a full-fledged band. The new album “Killing Saw” is a natural progression from Dirk‘s last album “Why”. Eventually the time has come that one of the most important German Melodic Metal vocalists returns like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes!

The new MERCURY TIDE album “Killing Saw“ will be released in Europe on 25th May, 2012 and in the USA on 10th July, 2012 through Limited Access Records. It will be available for pre-order at e.g. Amazon or EMP. The twelve tracks involve magnificent melodies which meet playful guitar riffs and catchy choruses, to which you want to sing along immediately.

The tracklist will be set as the following:

  1. In The Shame Of Trust (Intro)
  2. Killing Saw
  3. Home
  4. Searching
  5. World Of Pain
  6. Lord Of Memories
  7. Out Of The Darkness
  8. Alone In My Room
  9. Satan Sister
10. You Cannot Save Me
11. No More Pain
12. Have No Fear

MERCURY TIDE are proud to release the cover artwork of their new long player “Killing Saw“, which was penned by Carsten Drescher, who worked for i.a. Angel Dust, Moonspell, Paradise Lost and Epica.

Visit the MERCURY TIDE YouTube channel or Facebook website for a short album teaser!

As a special bonus you can pre-order a limited edition of the new album “Killing Saw“ for a special price exclusively at EMP as bundle with the first MERCURY TIDE album “Why?“.

“Satan Sister“ as exclusive download on the new website!!!

MERCURY TIDE have a special present for their fans on their new website

From now on you can download the complete song “Satan Sister“ of the new album “Killing Saw“ for a tweet or a Facebook post for free! As if that wasn't enough, there will also be a wallpaper and other surprises of Dirk Thurisch and MERCURY TIDE.

Just take a look on, where Dirk left you a message regarding this action.

MERCURY TIDE album release shows with KAMIKAZE KINGS and SPELLBOUND DAZZLE as special guests!!!

The new record shows that Dirk Thurisch hasn‘t called it a day yet. Even though ten years have passed, he is more than ever before willing to proof his outstanding abilities as a performer in front of live audiences. Last year, he already celebrated his stage comeback with his new combo as a support act for Crimson Glory in Essen, Germany, but now it is time for new performances.

MERCURY TIDE will start off with the Metal Inferno Festival in Paderborn, followed by the two release shows on 17th May, 2012 at Bastard Club in Osnabrück and on 19th May, 2012 in Helvete, Oberhausen. Our newest signing KAMIKAZE KINGS will also be part of those shows, likewise our Italo-Croatian exceptional band SPELLBOUND DAZZLE.

You can purchase tickets at for 10,00 € + charges or at the doors for 13,00 €.


arrow SPELLBOUND DAZZLE: The magical fireworks continue!!!



SPELLBOUND DAZZLE grab Metalstorm Staff Picks Awards!!!

The recent SPELLBOUND DAZZLE album “Unreal FairyTales“ convinced at the Metalstorm Staff Picks Awards so much that they vote it as an absolute favorite in the category Alternative Metal.

Furthermore, it is worth reading the interview with guitarist Branko Stekovic on the Metalstorm website, in which Branko talks about the background and creation of the album with a wink. He also reveals some interesting insider information about the band. Read the entertaining dialogue here!

Guests at Blue Rock TV!!!

At the beginning of the year, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE appeared at the Italian Blue Rock TV special custom show on Sky TV. The band performed the songs “Goodbye My Love“ and “Ruska“ from their new album “Unreal FairyTales“.

Here you can find the interview which moderator Serena Boldrini made with the guys.

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE need your support to rock the Heineken Jammin' Festival!!!

The four Italians of SPELLBOUND DAZZLE need your support for the Heineken Jammin’ Festival 2012 in Milano, to play along i.a. The Prodigy, Evanescence and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As already proven last year, when the guys played together with bands like Coldplay and We Are Scientists at the festival, they want to prove once more, that they are true rockstars. After your registration, a short vote on is enough to help the band being one step closer to another successful festival performance!

Fresh t-shirts for the upcoming festival season!!!

Your bandshirts of the last season smell musty, are tattered or perforated? Well, then we got exactly the right thing for you!

From now on, you can order the brand-new SPELLBOUND DAZZLE t-shirts besides the new album “Unreal FairyTales“ at the mailorder MAM Online. Alternatively, you can order the t-shirts at Amazon or at the band’s website.

SPELLBOUND DAZZLE also shot a short commercial as incentive to buy their stuff. The video will be online at the band's YouTube channel on 23rd April, check it out!


arrow CONTRADICTION set course for their new album!!!


CONTRADICTION - The Essence Of Anger

CONTRADICTION go ahead with their new album!!!

The German thrashers CONTRADICTION are right now at the studio to record their new album.

Joachim Kopka (i.a. Morgoth, Despair, Grave, Autopsy, Headhunter and Pestilence) will do the mixing and mastering job. He produced CONTRADICTIONs albums “The Warchitect“ (2006) und “The Voice Of Hatred“ (2005), too.

The follow up of the current album “The Essence Of Anger“ will presumably appear at the late summer through Limited Access Records.

You can get a few impressions from the mad studio diary at the CONTRADICTION Facebook site.

Full speed ahead with new booking agency!!!!!

CONTRADICTION have a new booking partner on their side with Continental Concerts (i.a. Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Accept, Children Of Bodom) and are ready to start at full speed this year.

Until now, several festival gigs like the Rage Against Racism Open Air ( with Suidakra, V8 Wankers, etc.), the Summernight Open Air (with Motorjesus, The Gate, etc.) and the All Metal Festival (with Destruction, Warrant) are confirmed and in the fall of 2012, CONTRADICTION will be on tour. Within a short time, we will announce those dates and the complete tour line up.


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