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Without Wax

Yannick Dahl - Vocals
Florian Blaswich - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jonas Nühlen - Bass
Tino Wilczewski - Drums & Percussion & Backing Vocals

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No School Today (Promo)
WITHOUT WAX Portrait bei der WDR Lokalzeit



Meinl Cymbals, Musik Produktiv, Evans, Pro Mark, Yamaha, Engl, D'Addario, Trace Elliot, Warwick, dB Technologies, Peavey



EinsLive Heimatkult vom 15.08.2007
Radio Hagen vom 09.05.2009

Demo: Innoncence Fadin' (2007)
Album: We Should Believe (Limited Access Records - 2009)


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High School Rock ´n´ Roll!!! The Teenage Rock Revolution!!!

When four friends team up to making music together and forming a rock band, that’s not really remarkable. Even when these four friends were only between 13 and 15 years old by the time they have formed this band, is this something one has heard or read about before. But there’s something that differs WITHOUT WAX from all pupils’ jam bands, teenie groups and casting show winners that are getting so much hyped these days. WITHOUT WAX are real.

Neclecting the fact that Yannick Dahl (Vocals), Florian Blaswich (guitars), Jonas Nühlen (Bass) and Tino Wilczewski (Drums) are under aged and should already be in bed when their role model artists as Foo Fighters, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake or Journey go on stage, WITHOUT WAX are not less than a young, determined rock band whose professional level is so high that it had turned the smiles over the four teenaged musicians on the faces of quite a lot of the spectators, who have been attending one of the already over 60 live shows the band has played within the last two years, into complete enthusiasm.

After each of their shows WITHOUT WAX are leaving convinced and happy audiences behind. But not only the audiences are stunned by this young band, also the artists like Fury In The Slaughterhouse that were supported by these fantastic four so far, fell in love with WITHOUT WAX immediately. Famous German singer Nena has even requested the band to support her for one more show, after having experienced the youngsters on stage.

WITHOUT WAX are proving impressively that even musicians of their young age are able to writing good songs, knowing intimidatingly good how to play their instruments and working together professionally as a unit, still without partaking in a casting show and without having carrier-orientated parents or producers on their backs. This can be heard on the first EP of WITHOUT WAX „Innocence Fadin‘“, that was taken up by the reviewers with esteem and respect. The band’s first single „No School Today“ even entered the playlists of some of the big public radio stations, whose editors were as much fascinated by WITHOUT WAX as was famous producer Siggi Bemm (Kreator, Tiamat, Udo Lindenberg, Peter Maffay...) who couldn’t resist when the band asked him to working with them.

The four youngsters know what they want and they know the ropes. Without exception they are writing their own songs and they let nobody interfere with their music or their lyrics. Far away from the usual blah-blah-stereotype lyrics of the well-known teenie-bands, WITHOUT WAX are dealing critically with what’s happening around them in their lyrics. They are dealing with annoying parents („Leaving Home“), the suicide attempt of a friend („No School today“) or the planned gun rampage of a school buddy that was anticipated by the police last-minute („Kevin’s Got A Gun“). Topics like these are affecting teenagers as much as adult listeners, because they are true and taken from real life.

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