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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

January 2010

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Spellbound Dazzle

Italy – known for its Mediterranean food, its beautiful landscape, tanned Italian men who yell “Ciao Bella!” after every woman (no mater what age), and of course the mafia. Music from Italy for most people has to do with the traditional Italian tear jerker, but there is another side of the Italian music scene that has developed from a fresh breeze into a huge storm coming to cause a buzz of excitement in the European Metal and Rock scene: SPELLBOUND DAZZLE

Back in August 2009 the boys from the mountainous region around Cortina d’Ampezzo met legendary producer Siggi Bemm (Tiamat, Kreator, Lacuna Coil) at his Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany to work on the production of a fantastic album. The album does not fit into any scheme, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE combine modern Metal groove with classic Hard Rock, add progressive elements and garnish the result with Folk and Polka rhythms. The musical mixture promises a thrilling experience at first listening. For Siggi Bemm “Unreal Fairy Tales” is simply “the best album of the past 10 years!”. See and listen for yourself on MySpace! “Unreal Fairy Tales” lives up to its title!

arrow  Metal Hammer presents brand new “Viva La Insane” music video

Eat The Gun

Bam! Long live the insane, long live the RRRrrooocK!
EAT THE GUN’s brand new “Viva La Insane” video clip proves the band’s outstanding live quality and catapults them to a new promising decade!

The brand new EAT THE GUN “Viva La Insane” video clip was shot during their festival tour in the summer of 2009. The band is shown as down to earth, energetic and funny as they truly are. Producer Peter Büscher who already produced the “Solitary Sinners” video clip in early 2009, accompanied EAT THE GUN not only on but above all behind the stages. In cooperation with the Berlin film production company TOTHO five hours of material were cut down to a three-minute video clip showing the band unmasked. The result: Three minutes of pure RRRrroocK! Watch it and for god’s sake: pump up the volume and blow your speakers!

This Thursday, January 21, at 02:00 pm the German Metal Hammer magazine presents the exclusive world premiere of “Viva La Insane” on!!

New update of the VW Scirocco R24h Challenge

Last summer the Volkswagen Sound Foundation decided to support EAT THE GUN and chose them to provide the songs “Walk Out On Me” and “Solitary Sinners” as soundtrack for the free VW iPhone App car racing game “VW Scirocce R24h Challenge”. The App was downloaded about two million times in the Apple iTunes store and cranked up the band’s career. A new version of the game is released in January 2010 - and again EAT THE GUN provides the soundtrack with the songs “Viva La Insane” and “Wiser”. Pedal to the metal and viva EAT THE GUN!

EAT THE GUN live at the CeBIT Sounds! 2010

EAT THE GUN will play at the new music branch of the world’s biggest computer trade show CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The CeBIT Sounds! brings both computer and music industry together. Having provided the soundtrack for the VW iPhone game EAT THE GUN are the perfect example for a new and promising music market segment of tomorrow.

arrow  CONTRADICTION at Winternachtstraum festival 2010


Our Trash Metal institution CONTRADICTION has been confirmed for the Winternachtstraum Festival (February 19th-20th). Together with Unleashed, Orden Ogan, Disillusion, Dark Age, and Bloodwork they will rock down the Oeventroper hall!!

In the upcoming issue of the German Rock Hard magazine will be an interview with journalist Frank Albrecht who liked the new album “The Essence of Anger” so much that he had to ask the band a few questions!

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