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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

January 2011

arrow German News:

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arrow SPELLBOUND DAZZLE "Unreal FairyTales“ in stores on January 31 (international)!!!

Spellbound Dazzle

Spellbound Dazzle - Unreal FairyTales

Spellbound Dazzle

Finally, on January 31 you can start to pull your amps on eleven with the SPELLBOUND DAZZLE album “Unreal FairyTales“! You can pre-order “Unreal FairyTales“ now at EMP,,, cdWOW or iTunes.

arrow "Unreal FairyTales" liner notes posts starting Wednesday at Facebook!!!

Pre-listen to all the twelve tracks on and look what the Italo-Croatians have to tell about the songs. Beginning on January 19 SPELLBOUND DAZZLE will post every day the liner notes for one track on their facebook profile.

arrow SPELLBOUND DAZZLE fan pack including free MP3!!!

You want a track of the new album for free? No problem, visit the musician’s website and get the song “Goodbye My Love“ including wallpaper and flyer in exchange for a tweet.

arrow "Foolin' Of Each Other" music video premiere at BlankTV!!!

Very soon the music video for the song “Foolin’ Of Each Other“ will be featured exclusive on BlankTV for a week. The clip is directed by Salvatore Perrone, who already worked for Evergreen Terrace, Exilia, Devildriver, A Day To Remember, Underoath and many other bands.

arrow International press excited about SPELLBOUND DAZZLE!!!

The international press is still excited about SPELLBOUND DAZZLE and this is the reason why the brothers Kreso and Branko Stekovic are busy giving interviews worldwide. Read the first one here at for the polish fans among you.

Here we have some more new reviews: 4/5 "…like other eccentric bands such as Diablo Swing Orchestra and Arcturus/ Ulver, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE know how to keep things interesting and as far away from 'typical metal/ rock' as one could get…" 85/100 "…For me this is an album that will find its way into my car regularly. It is very contagious music and it makes me smile all the time. If you dig a combination of System of a Down, Kiss, Extreme, Mr. Bungle and Living Colour with poppy influences, groovy songs and folky parts at times, I almost know for certain you will like this. With producer Siggi Bemm (Kreator, Lacuna Coil) behind the buttons this albums sounds like a clock…" 8.5/10 "…With SPELLBOUND DAZZLE on the loose, you might reconsider your definition of Alternative Metal of the 21st Century. 8/10 "…Everybody who is open-minded and not just listens to metal should give it a try. But be aware that SPELLBOUND DAZZLE is no musical fast food!…"

arrow 4BACKWOODS at "Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten" the most popular daily soap on German TV!!!

4Backwoods - Butterfly - Single


4BACKWOODS - Be Different Or Die

A lot has happened at the 4BACKWOODS headquarter within the last months. The band from Cologne in Germany released their album “Be Different Or Die“ and promoted successfully their singles “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" and “Supernova Day“ on TV, radio and press. In mid-December “Butterfly“ the rock ballad with sensitive strings was released as third single and since some weeks the video rotates on German Music TV stations and on YouTube, Vimeo and other video portals.

The new year continues with the success story. This Friday on January 21 our power rockers 4BACKWOODS will perform the songs “Butterfly“ and “Bleed Like This“ at GZSZ. “Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten“ is Germany’s most famous daily soap for more than 18 years and more than 4600 episodes. Watch out for some behind the scenes photos on the band’s website and web 2.0 profiles. But that’s not all, right to the broadcast a funny Interview special will be online at

arrow Behind the scenes with 4BACKWOODS:

After all the enthusiastic comments for the “Butterfly“ video on YouTube and also on BlankTV from all over the world we are happy to present you some wonderful photos (by Nadja Mayer, of the video shooting on Facebook. At the end of January the Making Of will follow on the band’s YouTube channel.

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