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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

July/August 2012

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KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - Boys 'n' Men

KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - Boys 'n' Men

KAMIKAZE KINGS - Album Release Show


“The Law“ the Best Rock ’n’ Roll Extravaganza album of the year is coming!!!

On August 31st finally the time the time has come. The album “The Law“ of the Berlin glam metalheads KAMIKAZE KINGS will be available at all stores. You can expect 14 fabulous, blasting songs that rock with sheer power and make your metal heart beat faster. The cover artwork was designed by Felicitas Lang and the booklet was set into scene by Bo Soremsky. Photographer Martin Hoppe distinguished himself through the band photos.

The tracklist is as the following:
  1. Burn Baby Burn
  2. I Am The Law
  3. Boys ’n’ Men
  4. All In Vain
  5. Bible Black
  6. Boneshaker Boogie
  7. Just Dance
  8. In The Name Of Tragedy
  9. Too Late
10. Saturday Night Hero
11. Give It To Me
12. In For The Kill
13. Hard Times
14. Shadows

You cannot wait to listen to the complete album, than start to pull your amps on eleven and click here!

Pre-order the KAMIKAZE KINGS album “The Law“ already, including the hit single “Saturday Night Hero“, the fighter hymn “Boys ’n’ Men“, the party smasher “Boneshaker Boogie“ and the headbanging “Burn Baby Burn“ at your favorite local store or at the online shop of your choice, e.g. EMP, Amazon etc.!!! From August 31st on, you can of course also order the album from all download shops, such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Musicload.

“The Law“ album release show at the “Wild At Heart“ club in Berlin!!!

To celebrate the release of “The Law“ properly, KAMIKAZE KINGS will party at a hot release show with you on the album release day, August 31st at the legendary Rock 'n' Roll Club “Wild At Heart“ in Berlin, Kreuzberg. The motto is: Get hypnotized by a night of Rock ‘n‘ Roll, Burlesque, Showgirls, Denim ‘n‘ Leather, Glam ‘n‘ Drama.

As if that wasn’t enough, the band Metal Law from Berlin will fire you up with their new lineup. Furthermore, the Kamikaze showgirl dance explosion will make your blood boil and Bobby Blowjob will perform with us that night. Additionally, there will be many surprises regarding the release of “The Law“ and KAMIKAZE KINGS will of course fulfill every autograph wish on one of their CDs, their new t-shirts or posters.

For more information concerning the album release show, check out the band's Facebook page, where KAMIKAZE KINGS built an event page.

The explosive, martial fighter hymn “Boys ’n’ Men“ now also on TV and radio!!!

After KAMIKAZE KINGS got a lot of positive feedback for the video premiere at the German Metal Hammer for their first single “Boys ’n’ Men“ of the upcoming album “The Law“, now the video will also be available at the Limited Access Records YouTube channel.

Be prepared for leather, sweat and rivets with a rich portion of Glamour-Wrestling mania. The first single “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ is not only rocking, but it is also a great entertainment for people, who are not of a tender or weak nature! On the big screen, these four Berlin guys know how to act controversially and nonconformally. The new videoclip of “Boys ’n’ Men“, directed by Kornelius Glaser polarizes and captures you in all its intensity and image force which makes KAMIKAZE KINGS appear in an extraordinary apocalyptic, surreal light which reminds you of the comic world of Frank Miller. With a finishing move of a very special kind ends the short trip to the wet and cold, dark backyards of Berlin.

But that’s not all. RCK.TV has taken the video into their night rotation and many other (IP) TV channels, such as, Muzu.TV, BlankTV and UVTV (Week Of July 23rd) present the video in their programs.

We wish you a lot of fun with the clip and are very excited for your comments on Facebook and YouTube!

Additionally, several radio stations made a dive for “Boys ’n’ Men“ and play their song up and down. If you would like to support KAMIKAZE KINGS to climb up the metal throne, help them by requesting your favourite KAMIKAZE KINGS song at the radio channel of your choice.

The first press feedback for KAMIKAZE KINGS!!!

The press is impressed by the first KAMIKAZE KINGS Single “Boys ’n’ Men“ from the upcoming album “The Law“: “It is rare that a single makes you so much ready for the album…“ “This is a great band, which makes your ears burn in joy. Continue like this and knock yourself out! Then soon everyone will know you.“ 

ShoutedFM: “The KAMIKAZE KINGS single makes the sparks fly. It will be played soon at Pedal To The Metal as hot track of the week.“ “It was a coincidence, that Elmo, the vocalist of this grand band, started to follow me a short time ago on Twitter, which of course was the reason for me to research on him. And what I found was a bit shocking (in a good way) in the start, but soon awoke interest and also a little bit of enthusiasm. Actually these were the emotions that I had in the first five seconds of the video imbedded up there. Then I heard it to the end and then again. A hunting and great song […] Anyway: fabulous band!“

The webzine thinks that the new KAMIKAZE KINGS single “Boys ‘n’ Men“ is a real hard rock bomb and that the song should be sold at equal pieces in a delicacy and a sex shop because the boys and men make you be hungry and the leather outfit of the journalist is already ready and cleaned. That would be a good idea, what do you think? “My best advice is head over to the website and put their music first. If you’re put off by their look you are truly missing out on something we haven’t had in a long time. A band that understands how to get their name out there with the power of glam, but at the same time makes the music to back it up.“ “Just posted an article about the KAMIKAZE KINGS … the guys are awesome, they have a new fan now ;)“

In his first international interview with the US webzine AbsolutePunk, vocalist Elmo Kamikaze speaks about glam, make-up, Rock ’n’ Roll, how KAMIKAZE KINGS were founded and what the band has already gone through. Thereto the answer to the question why the band is so magnificent. How dare you call yourself a king? Well here is some interesting insight:

KAMIKAZE KINGS: “Saturday Night Hero“ as single download now available!!!

After KAMIKAZE KINGS caused a sensation in the metal sector with the single and the video for “Boys ’n’ Men“, their hit “Saturday Night Hero“ is now available as single download at your favorite online store. The iconic video “Saturday Night Hero“ is of course available as a bundle, too.

Amazon MP3:

So many fans from all around the world, especially from Spain, asked the band to release the song as a single. And now the time has come to give these kamikaze maniacs what they asked for!

“Saturday Night Hero“ is one of the many highlights from the band's upcoming album “The Law“, which will be released on August 31st.

Be KAMIKAZE KINGS’ “Saturday Night Hero“ and shake your hips!!!

Feel like a “Saturday Night Hero“ as you shake your hips to the beat of this party smasher. Sing along! Shout it out!;
We're gonna get hot!
We're gonna get wild!
We are all Saturday Night Heroes tonight!

Prove your abilities as a “Saturday Night Hero“ and post KAMIKAZE KINGS on their Facebook wall a link of a video of you doing the signature dance, which is featured in the music video! Show us how you do Elmo's moves in a short video message! Elmo will get right back to you and announce a winner for the best dance video on

So stay tuned! It's gonna be a hot and wild summer with KAMIKAZE KINGS!!!

Be a part of the Kamikaze family and become a member of the KAMIKAZE KINGS fanclub!!!

You are a diehard fan of KAMIKAZE KINGS and want to support the band even more actively? Then become a member in the official KAMIKAZE KINGS fanclub! The fanclub leader Moni is very happy to welcome every one of you and you can expect many thrilling and helpful campaigns around KAMIKAZE KINGS. Whether they are fan tours and meetings, collective concert visits or the center of rotation for your support: All wires connect here! Check it out and become a member:


arrow MERCURY TIDE: Video shoot for the upcoming single “Searching"!!!


MERURY TIDE - Killiing Saw

MERCURY TIDE - Dirk Thurisch

“Killing Saw“ impresses people world-wide!!!

After we already presented you some nice press quotes to the new MERCURY TIDE album “Killing Saw“ in our last news, new reviews were released and therefore we recommend you again some interviews with Dirk Thurisch in different metal magazines and webzines.

Reviews (G-A-S)
Rock It! #70 & Soundcheck #11 (7.5/10) 
“«Killing Saw» definitely belongs to one of the best releases in the melodic dominated hard metal section in the running year … Warmest Song recommendations are the blasting «Out Of The Darkness», the yearning «Have No Fear» and especially the hit-candidate «Satan Sister».“

Metal Hammer (4/7):
“The second album appearing after the 2003 debut «Why» delivers earthy hard rock with catchy tunes and sounds a little more multifaceted than the first album, it developes an impressive intensity and dynamics due to its manly sounds.“ (4.5/5):
“Convince yourself, this is my personal most favourite monthly album in that domain and there is nothing else for me to say than to spend almost the full rating. Metalheads of the whole world, unite … Well no, that was something else! You should ALL check out the album, I am speaking for a blindly buying recommendation and I garantuee a short listening pleasure for all friends of harder electric-guitar music. I also belong to the people who miss Angel Dust, but this one is a proper heritage which lets you forget the final failure of a re-union between the parties.“ (7.5/10):
“These are yet fabulous melodies that make this band special … «Killing Saw» is really a decent audio document and is worth a comeback of a combo that is blessed with such a fabulous vocalist.“ (7.5/10):
“On the final count, «Killing Saw» has become a really good album that you can listen to on repeat for five times without annoyance. You can bang your head to this album and just sit back and enjoy. Those, who prefer Power Metal should definitely listen to the album.“

Reviews (worldwide) (9/10):
“Acoustic guitars, keyboard, heavy guitar, great drumming, tons of riffs…it's all here! MERCURY TIDE are BACK, and their newest album «Killing Saw» will inject your soul with pure musical genius.“ (7/10):
“It’s good to hear Thurisch singing again. Dude definitely has a marvelous set of pipes on him.“ (8/10):
“MERCURY TIDE manage to present a homogenous album and to keep the listeners interest with tempi-changes, creating atmospheric parts and varying in general. In my opinion Dirk Thurisch's vocals are the strong point. Another asset is that the songs are memorable without getting gimmicky catchy. Any two can win you over! And hopefully it won't take too long til be hear from MERCURY TIDE again!“
“A bit like Kamelot. Or a male-fronted Nightwish. Big and bombastic on the verge of pouring over. This is metal for the more grander moments in life. And I like it.“ (70/100):
“U hoort het. Zo standaard als een Ford Escort met roestplekken, en veel factoren moeten in je persoonlijke smaakpatroon vallen wil je dit kunnen waarderen, maar al met al is dit gewoon een degelijk album dat een combinatie laat horen tussen power metal en ultra traditionele heavy metal. Voor de liefhebbers, en die zijn er.“

e.g. Rock It! #71,,,

Video and single for “Searching“ in approach!!!!

MERCURY TIDE are currently shooting a music video to the single “Searching“ from the album “Killing Saw“. The first part is filmed by Visionary Moments and the second one will follow soon.

The finished video and the download single, which will also include an exclusive bonus track that is not on “Killing Saw“, will probably be released in September. We will announce the exact song title and release date in our next news.

Video from the Jon Oliva’s Pain show + new festival and concert dates

MERCURY TIDE have played a successful show in June as a support act for Jon Oliva’s Pain at Brückenforum in Bonn (Germany) and have brought you some new video footage from the concert. Have fun with “Home“, “Out Of The Darkness“, “Lord Of Memories“ and “Searching“ live in Bonn: claims that this support deal with Jon Oliva's Pain was forged in heaven and MERCURY TIDE was celebrated by the journalist as a grand, authentic metal band that made the metal ball be a pleasure through enjoying to play their music. If you were not able to be present at the show, then drop by at the next concert or festival where MERCURY TIDE will play. For example theSteel Meets Steel Open Air on 11th August in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany or the Turock Open Air on 31st August in Essen, Germany.

But that’s not everything, MERCURY TIDE will share the stage on 28th November with HARTMANN at Underground in Cologne, Germany.
HARTMANN is the band around Oliver Hartmann, which you would surely remember as the recent At Vance vocalist or as guitarist and vocalist of Avantasia. Tickets are available for 15,- € at all advance sale shops like Eventim. Mark this collaborate concert red in your calender and rock the Underground with MERCURY TIDE and HARTMANN on 28th November in Köln.


arrow CONTRADICTION: Teutonic Thrash Attack – The Double Impact 2012


CONTRADICTION - The Essence Of Anger

On double headliner tour with ACCU§ER!

“Teutonic Thrash Attack – The Double Impact 2012“ is the motto under which CONTRADICTION will go on tour in September, together with the underground legend ACCU§ER. The tour is presented by Continental Concerts, the RockHard und

The following cities will be stopped at:
15.09.2012 D-Münster, Münster Metal Massaker
20.09.2012 D-Rostock, Alte Zuckerfabrik w/Accu§er
21.09.2012 D-Berlin, K17 w/Accu§er
22.09.2012 D-Saalfeld, Clubhaus w/Accu§er
28.09.2012 D-Lünen, Metal City Festival XVI w/Accu§er
29.09.2012 D-Andernach, All Metal Fest

50 years of band histories as a double thrash attack, be there!!!


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