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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

November/Dezember 2012

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KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - Boys 'n' Men

KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - Boys 'n' Men

KAMIKAZE KINGS | Benefizkonzert

KAMIKAZE KINGS live at Wacken Open Air 2013!!!

If you opened door number 14 of the W:O:A X-MAS calendar a big surprise expected you. Finally we are happy to announce that our pornrocker KAMIKAZE KINGS are officially confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2013.

KAMIKAZE KINGS will perform a real special Wacken show with some surprises. This is certainly one highlight of the band’s upcoming festival season.

The porn rockers with their new sensational music video “Boneshaker Boogie"!!!

Now the time has come to let KAMIKAZE KINGS dance the "Boneshaker Boogie". Hot girls, sexy boys and drama, baby, drama! Be ready for great sexy rock vibes and an extraordinary dancing explosion as never seen before in the history of rock.

This week German magazine Legacy exclusively presented the new KAMIKAZE KINGS music video “Boneshaker Boogie“ at Now the video is online at YouTube and other video portals like, Muzu.TV, Clipfish or MyVideo.

This is not enough for you? Than check out iTunes, Musicload etc. where you can download the video as well as the album "The Law“ and the singles "Saturday Night Hero" and "Boys 'n' Men" for a small budget.

Watch the video and celebrate the party of the year with KAMIKAZE KINGS. Boogie all night yeah, alright yeah!!!

New press feedback for KAMIKAZE KINGS!!!

After the first good reviews for KAMIKAZE KINGS album "The Law" here some more press quotes and interviews:

Metal Hammer (5/7): „The men rocks entertaining through the 14 bolt upright rock arrangements and knows just one way: Full throttle! That makes fun … Matthias Mineur“
Legacy (11/15): "The album makes enormous fun on CD …“ (3,5/5): "These are real hits, other bands would kill for!“ (5/6): "«The Law» is an fine hard rock album with balls and a high entertainment value“ “KAMIKAZE KINGS have a well produced album full of energy and coolness for a debut! Hats off!" (8.5/10): “The songs inspire with catchiness and a high fun factor.“ (6/9): "KAMIKAZE KINGS bring me the rock I need to have a good time … the sound is great … dirty rocking, a piece of glam and kitsch – perfect.“ (10/15): "Personally I like the gents when they give full throttle and get away from the midtempo such as at «Boys 'n' Men» – a real catchy tune and live hit!“
Metal Hammer UK (8/10): "Part of you will hate yourself for liking it, but the other part will be in the toilets doing poppers and having too much fun to care.“ (7/10): "There’s some good amount of high-octane street Rock/Metal you should expect and react to. Hey, this is a nice band and album, right!“ "Simply want to enjoy a trip down metal memory lane you're certain to get at least a cheap thrill from «The Law».“

B.Z. (DE) (DE)
Zwaremetalen (NL)

KAMIKAZE KINGS: Benefizkonzert für den Kältebus Berlin!!!!

Zusammen mit der Band Diva Kollektiv rocken KAMIKAZE KINGS am 14.12.2012 für den guten Zweck.

Hintergrund dieser Veranstaltung ist es den Kältebus der Berliner Stadtmission zu unterstützen. Dieser hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, hilflosen Wohnungslosen, die nicht mehr aus eigener Kraft eine Kälte-Notübernachtung aufsuchen können, in der Kältezeit zu helfen!

Im Klartext heißt das: Kältetote in Berlin verhindern!

Mit diesem Benefiz-Konzert wollen KAMIKAZE KINGS Spenden sammeln, um dem Kältebus eine, wenn auch kleine, finanzielle „Spritze“ zukommen zu lassen! Jeder Cent zählt!

Alle Einnahmen dieses Abends kommen dem Kältebus der Berliner Stadtmission zu Gute.

Eintritt: 5,- €
Einlass: 20.00 Uhr
Beginn: 21.00 Uhr
Venue: cassiopeia Berlin, Revalerstraße 99, Berlin

Weitere Infos zum Konzert findet ihr auf der Veranstaltungseite.

Auch bei den Medien findet diese Spendenaktion große Unterstützung und so berichten u.a. die B.Z. und das Legacy über das KAMIKAZE KINGS Benefizkonzert für den Kältebus der Berliner Stadtmission am 14.12. 2012 im Cassiopeia Berlin!

In der B.Z. erschien zudem ein Interview mit Rais Kamikaze mit dem Titel „Helden-Hilfe in Metal(l) gegossen" und am 10. Dezember ab 20:00 Uhr wird Elmo Kamikaze zu Gast bei RockLiveRadio sein. Hier bekommt Ihr einen exklusiven Hintergrundbericht über das KAMIKAZE KINGS Benefizkonzert für den Kältebus Berlin.

Also kommt zahlreich am 14. Dezember, tut Gutes und rockt mit KAMIKAZE KINGS für den guten Zweck!


arrow MERCURY TIDE: New music video to the single “Searching“!!!


MERURY TIDE - Killiing Saw

MERURY TIDE - Killiing Saw

“Searching“ with exclusive Iron Maiden tribute bonus track as single available!!!

"Killing Saw" fascinates fans and press worldwide with top ratings and now MERCURY TIDE releases their first digital only single "Searching" which is one of the album highlights through Limited Access Records. Dirk Thurisch is at his best with drifty riffs and fine hook lines.

But that's not all! The single is now available at all download stores like iTunes, Amazon or Musicload contains as exclusive bonus track MERCURY TIDE's tribute to Iron Maiden. Dirk Thurisch and his band recorded a brilliant powerful version of the track "Caught Somewhere In Time" originally released as title track of the all-time classic album "Somewhere In Time" back in 1986!

On a magic time travel with new music video to the single “Searching“!!!

After the world exclusive presentation of the video by German Metal Hammer magazine the music video for the new single is now online at our YouTube channel and many more video portals like MyVideo, Clipfish, or MUZU.TV. Just take a look and be fascinated by this wonderful and magical clip.

The video was made by Tim Assmann of Visionary Moments, who already worked with artists such as Jaded Heart, Tri State Corner or Traumtänzer.

Within the next days we will present you the making of at MERCURY TIDE’s YouTube channel and at Facebook, so keep your eyes and ears open!


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