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Kamikaze Kings - The Law

Juni 2012

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KAMIKAZE KINGS - Limited Access Records - Boys 'n' Men


German Metal Hammer presents the exclusive video premiere to the single “Boys ’n’ Men“!!!

The fighter hymn “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ is released this friday (15th June, 2012) as first single from the in August upcoming KAMIKAZE KINGS album “The Law“. “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ is available now at all download stores like iTunes, Musicload, Amazon MP3 etc. as single and will include the doomy semi-ballad “The Dream Is Dead“ as a bonus track plus the music video “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ in the vingle version.

World exclusively German Metal Hammer presents the music video of “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ which you can watch at Be prepared for leather, sweat and rivets with a rich portion of Glamour-Wrestling mania. “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ is not only rocking, but it is also a great entertainment for people, who are not of a tender or weak nature! These four Berlin guys don’t only know how to act controversially and nonconformally on stage, but also at the big screen. The new video clip of “Boys ‘n‘ Men“, directed by Kornelius Glaser ( polarizes and captures you in all its intensity and visual impact which makes KAMIKAZE KINGS appear in an extraordinary apocalyptic, surreal light which reminds you of the comic world of Frank Miller. With a finishing move of a very special kind ends the short trip to the wet and cold, dark backyards of Berlin.

Best Rock ‘n‘ Roll Extravaganza band photos ever!!!

In the course of their new music video, KAMIKAZE KINGS shot new band photos that perfectly show the trademarks of the Berlin band around vocalist Elmo Kamikaze, a cross-breed of “The Rock“ and “Rob Halford“. The songs, the performance and devotion with which the musicians go about at their stage performances, transports a sense of life, an attitude and a love towards the most beautiful matter of the world: Rock ‘n‘ Roll. All of this was captured by photographer Martin Hoppe ( You can gaze at those small masterpieces at

KAMIKAZE KINGS are already excited about your reactions to the photos and the new video “Boys ‘n‘ Men“ on their Facebook page and are curious for your feedback. Frontman Elmo left a video message for you about the newest events on YouTube and Facebook. Check it out, it is worth it!


arrow MERCURY TIDE: On the road with the new album “Killing Saw“!!!


MERURY TIDE - Killiing Saw

MERCURY TIDE - Dirk Thurisch

MERCURY TIDE + Jon Oliva's Pain

"Killing Saw“ fascinates worldwide!!!

Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes, Dirk Thurisch, one of the most important German melodic metal vocalists, has returned with his band MERCURY TIDE and the new album “Killing Saw“! Introduced through both release shows that took place a week before the official sales start, “Killing Saw“ is now available everywhere in Europe since the 25th of May (i.a. EMP, MAM Online, Amazon, iTunes, Tower Records, WOW HD, CDON or CD Inzane). The USA still has to wait until 10th of July, until it is going to be released there, too.

DJs in numerous rock & metal clubs bang their heads to MERCURY TIDE songs and the radio stations are also impressed and are runnig the hits like “Searching“, “Home“ or “Satan Sister“ on heavy rotation. The first great reviews also arrived and Dirk Thurisch is busy giving interviews. Of course we don’t want to hold them back from you and that is why here is a little reading matter for you …

Reviews (G-S-A)
Slam #62 (Sweet 16): “One hit hunts the next... («Satan Sister» – godlike!) … Whether it is fast or a ballad, «Killing Saw» pleases in every second and leaves no open desires.“
Gothic #75 (very good): “The record is fun from the beginning to the end and clears itself for the listener without much effort, ideal to sing along loudly on a car ride, as «Killing Saw» drives enormously!“
Rock Hard #301 (8/10): "Overall an absolutely successful album!" (4,5/5): “I can only strongly recommend this album to every rock fan. Dirk is definitely back with MERCURY TIDE!“ (9/10): “«Killing Saw» is a convincing «Comeback» melodic metal piece of art.“ (9/10): “Absolute listening recommendations are «Home», «Satan Sister» and «Lord Of Memories», which possess an extreme earwig factor.“
Musicload: “Definately our album of the week! Convince yourself with the free track «Satan Sister»!“

Reviews (worldwide) (9/10): “Guitars are way better than I expected, good riffs, catching always making bang your head, and the slow parts are good too.“ (4/5): „The new album released by MERCURY TIDE is a very good album and above all, it is an honest job. Get to know it.“ (9/10): “Even after ten years away MERCURY TIDE brings you this album «Killing Saw» and it feels like they have never been away. It is an absolute brilliant album from the vocals right through to the drums it has been well produced and it is definately an album that I will be purchasing when it is released.“ (8,5/10): “Probably one of the finest heavy albums you’re bound to hear this year.“ “The band have the uncanny knack of imbuing such power in their songs that the record sounds not like an album so much as a greatest hits collection and lesser bands must surely dream of writing a collection of songs as thrilling as this.“ (18/20): „Les refrains sont imparables, l'inspiration est au rendez-vous et les mélodies au bout de chaque instruments. Les fans de Why? peuvent investir sans problème dans ce «Killing Saw» et ceux qui ne connaissent pas MERCURY TIDE y venir le coeur léger. Le mixage et la production sont soignés pour un ensemble cohérent et de qualité.“

i.a. Rocks #29, Slam #62, Gothic #75, Hammer World #246, Metal Maniac, The Rocktologist,,, …

New shows with i.a. Jon Oliva’s Pain announced!!!

After MERCURY TIDE celebrated with you at their two release shows, like you can listen and see at the band’s Facebook page, it is now time for new concerts!

We are happy to share with you that MERCURY TIDE will support Jon Oliva's Pain at their “A celebration of Savatage - the 25th anniversary of «The Hall Of The Mountain King»“ show on June 23rd at Brückenforum in Bonn (Germany).

They will continue at the Turock Open Air, where MERCURY TIDE will play with i.a. Rage, Helstar, Lillian Axe and Iron Savior on August 31st, 2012. More tour dates will be announced in a short time!

Liner notes videos online!!!

MERCURY TIDE recorded some liner notes videos for you. Here you can catch some first impressions, whereas Dirk will not only introduce the songs of the album “Killing Saw“, but also share some nice and funny anecdotes. Watch part 1-6 on MERCURY TIDE YouTube channel!


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