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The Mystery

Korry Schadwell - Vocals
Alex "Thunder" Martin - Guitar
Christian J. Rüther - Bass
Daniel Kahn - Drums & Percussion

07.09.2012 D-Heiligenhaus, Der Club
06.10.2012 D-Steinenbronn, Sandäckerhalle
27.10.2012 D-Wuppertal, Börsencrash Festival
01.11.2012 D-Köln, Blue Shell
03.11.2012 D-Oberhausen, Helvete

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Judas Betrayed



Female fronted melodic metal / Korry - The new metal queen!

HE MYSTERY, founded in March 1996, baptized their style as Female Fronted Melodic Metal.

In contrast to many who use this or similar terms, THE MYSTERY focuses on a warm, but powerful and rasping voice instead of opera vocals as it is done in this days by many „Female Fronted“ – Bands like „Nightwish“, „Within Temptation“ or „Evenascence“.

As this trend was never up their alley, but much more the will to live their own style, the boys and the girl based their style on the 80’s feeling without sounding dusty or outmoded. It rocks with melodies, which drill in your hearing and are presented by the voluminous voice of the female singer – names like Lita Ford, Gudrun Laos and certainly Doro Pesch will come much more often to terms than the Bands already named above.

Two own-produced demo-Albums and the debut „Scars“ (2005), which was distributed by ALIVE, were still recorded with the voice of Denise Olbrich. „Scars“ got much good and a few bad critics – but THE MYSTERY don’t care, because they don’t want to be screwed up. They only want to do their own music with fun. Music that comes straight from the heart.

Who once have seen the full-energy-show of THE MYSTERY, knows at its best why they stand on stage beside Bands like „Subway to Sally“, „Die Happy“, „Die Apokalyptischen Reiter“, „Majesty“, „Rebellion“, „Chinchilla“, „Powerwolf“, „Jaded Heart“, „Tankard“, „Final Breath“, „Unrest“ and many more – they rock and fascinate their audience – in local clubs, in the near foreign country or also in Bosnia, where they played in 2004 in front of a scenery of ten thousand people.

Korry Schadwell – the new voice since November 2006 – gives the songs of THE MYSTERY a bit more power, without losing the melody and that hits the boys taste – songwriter and guitarist Alex „Thunder“ Martin, bassist Christian J. Rüther and Drummer Daniel Kahn.

„Soulcatcher“ is the name of the mighty follower of „Scars“. Recorded at „Steelpride Studios“ by Tarek „MS“ Maghary, singer of the Band „MAJESTY“ and mastered at Uli Friedels „Church Mastering“-Studio the CD got a powerful production.

Whatever, if with an up-tempo-track, like the opening „Take me to the light“, the hit-suspicious „Judas betrayed“, the to sing alongs animating mid-tempo-banger and title-track „Soulcatcher“ or the half-ballad „Unready to die“ – the Band presents themselves varied with songs getting the point and never start missing the sparking melody.

Believe in what you want, but the „Soulcatcher“ is going to get you – if not already „live“ earlier, than at least on the release-date of this record.

Album (self release): ...Where The Wind Blows Freedom (2002)
Album (self release): Facing The Storm (2003)
Album: Scars (tts/ALIVE - 2005)
Album: Soulcatcher (Limited Access Records - 2008)

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