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Without Wax

Oliver Lux - Vocals & Guitar
Oliver Kämper - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Andreas Westphal - Bass
Patrick Nau- Drums

11.01.2013 POR-Évora, Coluna Maldita
12.01.2013 POR-Mangualde, Hard Metalfest
02.02.2013 D-Lippstadt, Don Quijote
28.02.2013 RO-Bukarest, Ageless Club
01.03.2013 RO-Sibiu, Bohemian Flow
02.03.2013 RO-Timisoara, DAOS Club
06.04.2013 D-Paderborn, Metal Inferno Festival
19.04.2013 D-Wuppertal, Operation Metal Attack

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THE ULTIMATE THRASH ATTACK – 20 Years of anger & destruction.

It was quite impossible to pass the die-hard thrashers CONTRADICTION over the last years: European tours with bands like OVERKILL or SACRED REICH, steady festival-appearances and relentless touring gained this four-piece the reputation of being a kick-ass live band. In summer 2008 CONTRADICTION were even honoured to become the first german metalband ever to tour Iceland. Celebrating their 20th anniversary CONTRADICTION will release their 6th studioalbum „The Essence Of Anger“ right in time, that will deliver everything a metalhead desires: aggressive, heavy, but yet melodic metal tunes.

With the release of the album „The Voice of Hatred“ they got a deal with the Wacken Open Air label Armageddon Music, this led to the support-slot for the european tourdates of legendary OVERKILL (USA) and was followed by some festival shows, especially a great gig at the Wacken Open Air. This also drew attention to CONTRADICTION in other countries and so the band also performed in Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy. Right after the release of the 5th album „The Warchitect“ CONTRADICTION hit the road for a headlining tour through Germany, Benelux, Switzerland
and Italy.

The tour followed by a strong festival-season, where CONTRADICTION played some renowned stages such as Rock Harz, Rockfalls, Suffering Life and more. Subsequently SACRED REICH have chosen CONTRADICTION to be „special guest“ on their european tourdates. Every show sold out was successfull and CONTRADICTION won lots of new fans.

Early 2009 was especially marked by studio-recordings of the new album „The Essence Of Anger“. Produced in the BLAST IT! Studio of frontman Olli and mastered by Tim Buktu (International Noise Conspiracy, Massacra). Twelve tracks, tough-minded thrash metal grenades for their hungry fans all over the world arise to life and show that true thrash metal can only come from good ol‘ Germany! With the necessary combination of melody and concentrated aggression it is an album the band can be proud of. In spite of the studio-sessions CONTRADICTION has not stopped to devastate clubs and festival stages all over Europe, like acclaimed shows on Malta, on Rockin‘ Transilvania Festival in Romania or some domestic festivals like the Hammerstein MetalFeast in Wuppertal or the Neuborn Open Air. CONTRADICTION are constantly on the road without respite in the metal world. With „The Essence Of Anger“ in their luggage the band will travel to Russia in winter and next year to Asia.

Demo: Deadly Games (1991)
Demo: Old Demon (1992)
CD: Rules Of Peace (self distributed - 1993)
CD: All We Hate (Rough Trade - 1996)
MCD: Good Company (self distributed - 1998)
CD: Contraminated (self distributed - 2001)
CD: The Voice Of Hatred (Armageddon/Soulfood - 2005)
CD: The Warchitect (Armageddon/Soulfood - 2006)
CD: The Essence Of Anger (Limited Access Records/Intergroove - 2009)

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